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Click on PDF for sample. Full menu available on request


Fresh seasonal and regional fruit platter

Fruit salad & muesli

Chia coconut breakfast cups with fresh fruit

Smoothies & raw juices



English breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausage, beans,

mushrooms, tomato, hash brown, toast)

Omelet with fillings of choice

Croissants with scrambled eggs

Eggs benedict with ham, salmon, or pulled pork

Shakshuka (eggs served with tomato & onion)

Eggs in a basket with home-made bread          

Bacon egg cups

Banana fritas (Fried Brazilian banana)

Pastries & delicacies

English scones with whipped crème, jam & preserve selections, and grated mixed cheese

Muffin basket (Bran, Poppy & Lemon, Cappuccino, Strawberry & Yogurt, Chocolate, Blueberry)

Banana bread loft

Pao de quijo (Chewy Brazilian cheese puffs)

Fluffy Pancakes with honey and berries

Crepes with hazel nut & chocolate spread

Waffles with maple syrup

French toast with cinnamon and dusted icing sugar


Breads & sandwiches

Bagels (Egg, Bacon & Avo)

Bagels (Smoked salmon, crème cheese & caper spread)

Bagels (Gypsy ham, Dijon mustard & peppadews)

Monte Cristo (Sourdough camembert & ham sandwich dipped in egg and pan fried)

Cubano (Grilled pulled pork & Swiss cheese sandwich with mayo & English mustard spread)



Crudité platter including batter fried olives, seasonal vegetables and hummus (vegetarian)

Salmon & crème cheese with dill bruschettas and topped with caviar

Prosciutto fig & blue cheese bruschettas

Calamari rings served with lemon slices

Savoury phyllo pastries with biltong shavings (South African cured game meat)

Dates & cherries & golden needle mushrooms wrapped in bacon

Crumbed fried camembert with pomegranate balsamic reduction

Crumbed mushrooms and chicken strips with chilli mayo

Quesadillas with pulled chicken or pulled pork served with guacamole & salsa

Selection of international cocktail meat balls skewers including Swedish, Italian, South African and chickpea (vegetarian option)

Halloumi & Grilled baby marrow skewers with sun dried tomato pesto (vegetarian)

Mini pepperoni pizza cones

Beef, Chicken and Mushroom/Chickpea mini burger sliders (vegetarian option)

Russian cheese grillers encased in puff pastry

Tacos with Beef, Chicken or Pulled Pork

Jalapeno cheese popper crumbed puffs

Polenta Fritas 

Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls 

Honey glazed chicken wings



Wild mushroom soup covered with puff pastry

Butternut soup with crème and baguette slices

Tomato soup with croutons



Smoked Salmon Salad served on rocket leaves with capers

Tropical Salad with grilled salmon, coconut shavings, and mango

Beef Carpaccio folded around orange slices served on rocket leaves with parmesan shavings and capers

Chicken Caesar Salad with a lettuce variety, egg, crispy croutons, parmesan cheese, and dressing with lemon juice, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, garlic salt and black pepper

Asian Salad with chicken or tofu grilled with sesame seeds. Served with bean sprouts, cilantro, and wood ear mushrooms (Vegetarian option)

Nacho Salad with bacon bites, tortilla chips, avocado, corn, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, black beans, and chia. Accompanied by a cheese & jalapeño dip, sour cream and salsa.

Spicey Beef Salad with peanut chilli sauce. Served on fresh baby spinach leaves, raw grated beetroot and brie.

Classic Greek Salad with black pitted olives, mature tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, and onions with an olive oil dressing seasoned in coarse salt, black pepper and oregano (Vegetarian)

Summer Salad with apple, pear, cranberries, and chickpeas on coleslaw (Vegan)


Paired with sides


Fish & Seafood

Fried Tuna steak

Haddock steamed in milk

Beer battered fried hake

Steamed catch of the day 

Thai Fishcakes

Paella with shrimp, scallops and black mussels 




Baked Chicken parmesan 

Chicken cordon blue

Chicken wrap

Stuffed French Deboned Chicken Leg with Red Wine and Soya Reduction 

Stuffed grilled chicken breast with spinach, feta & soy sauce 

Goan Vindaloo curry

Thai red curry

Chinese stir fry 



Feijoada (Brazilian Chorizo sausage with bacons cooked in black beans served on rice)

New Orleans Red beans & pork

Chinese fried pork dumplings

German Pork Schnitzel



Beef wellington (Fillet wrapped in bacon with chilli chicken liver patte baked in puff pastry)

Bobotie (Ground beef casserole coated with egg and bay leaves) served with Cape Malay yellow rice with raisins and cinnamon, coconut shavings, peach and banana dip.

Mongolian skewers (thick juicy traditionally roasted in cumin)

Beef stroganoff served on rice



Rack of lamb seared in coarse Himalayan salt, black pepper and rosemary

Kabsa (Arabic flavoured lamb served with rice)



Risotto with wild mushroom & creamy pepper sauce

Lasagne with layers of ground beef and tomato puree topped with golden baked cheddar

Lasagne with layers of veggies and tomato puree coated with olive oil (vegan)

Potato gnocchi with bacon, parmesan and fresh basil

Sweet potato gnocchi with wild mushrooms

Tortellini filled with Pumpkin & sage 

Chinese egg noodles with beef, soya sauce and sesame seeds with a side of bokchoi sautéed with ginger and garlic 



Melanzane eggplant tower layered with mozzarella and tomato puree baked with Italian spices

Mushroom goulash service with barley  

Thai pineapple fried rice

Chinese cabbage fried dumplings 



Pumpkin fritters dusted with cinnamon and sugar

Northern African pumpkin and peanut butter mash

Savoury Thai corn fritters

Sweet Southern corn bread

Roasted tomato with layers of edam cheese and prosciutto

Stuffed tomato with quinoa

Mashed potatoes with crème and chieves

Roasted baby potatoes with rosemary and sea salt

Sweet potato fries

Zucchini battered fries

Caramelized carrots & cinnamon

Carrot salad with pineapple and orange

French baguette with garlic, oregano, parmesan and butter

Mini Iranian Tadhig golden crispy rice with saffron


Bon bons

Coconut bonbons

Date bonbons

Brigadeiros (Brazilian chocolate)

Chocolate strawberries 

Nougat springrolls

Chocolate springrolls



Chocolate chip cookies

Ginger biscuits

Oats biscuits



Cool delights

Baklava served with vanilla ice cream

Chia coconut chocolate mousse (Vegan)

Fresh fruit dipped in dark chocolate (Vegan)

Koeksisters (South African fried honey dough)

Kulfi (Indian icecream)

Tofu ice-cream 


Warm pudding

Malva Pudding, a South African apricot sponge pudding, served with custards

Pecan nut pumpkin pie served with fresh whipped cream

Apple cinnamon rose tarts with vanilla ice-cream

Pasteis de nata (Portuguese egg target)

Chocolate spring rolls with vanilla ice-cream

Malasada with honey

Meringues with poached berries infused with port wine


Cakes & Tarts

Carrot cake

Petit gato (Brazilian chocolate fondant) with vanilla ice-cream

Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice-cream

Milk tart

Chocolate Eclairs 


Regional cheese platter

(Gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free options available on request)

Kids Menu

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