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Shore Based Experience

The Taste Master SA - ​Cooking Show

Joy in China - Travel & Cooking Show

National Finalists 2023

Stonewood Hideaway Private Villa
Estate Manager






Responsible for organizing housekeeping, laundry service, guest service, catering, concierge service, gardeners, maintenance, security, marketing, villa accounts, guest bookings and check ins. The villa is 4000m2.

Port Owen Private Estate Manager

Responsible for organizing interior and exterior cleaning. And assisting with guest bookings and check ins. 

Bantry Bay Private Estate Manager

Responsible for attending to the family's personal affairs. And their private chef for family dinners and events. Manage exterior cleaning. 

Model Mansion Estate Manager

2014 –  2022 (eight years)

CCA (office)

CCA (theater)

CCA (model mansion)

At CCA I was Booker HOD in office and on set. I specialized in booking international models & actors in the film and fashion industry. Contract negotiations including flights, visas and permits. I worked on international film sets, in theatre, runway and managed the model mansion. Décor & Food Styling for shoots were some of my favourite duties. (Click on the Media Work History PDF for more details).

At the CCA model mansion I assisted with team training & management, guest bookings & relations, orders & inventory reports, housekeeping management, security, IT & maintenance management, seasonal décor & flower orders.

At the CCA theatre I assisted with event planning (stage performances, runway events, conferences and weddings), team training & management, guest relations, orders & inventory reports, bar back, and was the fixer for any pop up situations.